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Lake Fork is a little over a foot low and the water temperature this week was in the high 40’s with an occasional 50 degree reading. Our best bait has been the Umbrella rig fished around bridges, rocks, or underwater bridges. We are retrieving the rig very slowly and most of the baits are pretty light for an Umbrella rig. Be sure and use the Umbrella rigs with spinners as this seems to make a difference. 75% of the time we are throwing the Umbrella rig. The rest of the time we are throwing red lipless crank baits on secondary points and grass where you can find it. We are covering a lot of water with these but if we catch one we will make multiple casts to that area. Jigs around timber in both shallow and deep water is always a great way to catch a lunker this time of year so be sure and have one tied on. These patterns will remain consistent for me for the next 4-5 weeks until the spawn begins.

I hope these tips help you on your next trip to Lake Fork. If you are looking for a professional guide trip and a great day on the water please give me a call at 214-205-0540. I still have some great spring dates available so call early for best available dates.

Until next time, good luck and good fishing! Gary Johnson

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